Marquez Action Is Brave Or Careless

By April 9, 2018Sport

In the series of Argentina on motorcycle race Moto Gp Champion 2018, Marquez strive hard to pursue the points left behind while he ignored previous warnings by the arena inspector on every other pass racer until there was an accident that making crash Valentino in accident, according to the incident really make Valentino and the team feel upset over the action Marquez who have no respect between drivers.

While the second finish was won by Andrea Dovizioso, he addressed the arena drama on the incident about positive and negative thoughts depending on which one would take the word he said because in the past he and his team had a hard time balancing temporary points, so he assumes on every occasion there is a positive thing that is in 2 points added for him and his team far from before.


From the yamaha movistar team hopes there is a penalty penalty to Marquez, because they beropini already very clearly seen violations committed Marquez.

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