Three Popular Female Artists Who Are Almost the Same Faces

By March 25, 2018actress, film

Here are three Indonesian actresses that are similar to the world’s artists such as Amy Johnston, Katy Perry and Jessie J, while for Indonesian female actress Julie Estelle, Luna Maya and Wulan Lorraine Guritno. Photos look faces that if the close appraisal of the similarities of Bro and Sis will certainly be different but I guarantee the word “similarity” or “similar” there must be not. Check out the photographs of the artists and look carefully Bro and Sis together with their respective biographies.

1. Amy Johnston and Wulan Lorraine Guritno

Amy Johnston was born on November 2, 1985 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA as Amy Leanne Johnston. He is known for his work on The Sky Has Fallen on (2009), The Life of Lucky Cucumber on (2009) and Find Me on (2009). Wulan Lorraine Guritno was born in London, England, April 14, 1981; age 36 years is an actress and also model Indonesian nationality mixed Javanese-English.

2. Katy Perry and Julie Estelle

Katy Perry Born in (1984) in Santa Barbara, California, and grew up in a conservative household. Julie Estelle was born in Jakarta on January 4, 1989, daughter of Thierry Gasnier, a French-American, and Hilda Limbara, an Indonesian-Indonesian. Her sister is Cathy Sharon, TV host and actress, and her sister is Charlotte Christie, a businesswoman.

3. Jessie J and Luna Maya

Jessica Ellen Cornish born March 27, 1988, known as Jessie J, is a singer and songwriter. Luna Maya who was born in Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983; age 34 years this is a sinetron actress and film widescreen Indonesia.


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