This Facebook Instagram Down Is The Cause Of an Increase In The Error Ratio

By March 14, 2019Hot Topic, Trendding

Facebook along with services that are still related like Instagram and WhatsApp “down” cannot be accessed by users. Downdetector, an internet service that informs the condition of “health” of an internet service, mentions the difficulty of accessing Facebook occurs when users find it difficult to log in to comment or upload photos.

This condition occurs in almost all operational areas of Facebook, starting from the United States, Europe, to Indonesia. As reported by the Associated Press, this incident took place starting from Wednesday (03/13/2019) or 12 noon US time or Thursday (03/14/2019) early morning Indonesian time. The Facebook Developer Page then said the conditions that befell them were referred to as “partial blackouts” and Facebook acknowledged that they experienced “an increase in the error ratio.”

From these conditions, users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, spilled their unrest on Twitter. The #FacebookDown, #InstagramDown, and #WhatsApp tags immediately echoed and became a trending topic. And via Twitter too, Facebook finally opens its voice. They say “we realize that some people are currently having problems accessing applications from the Facebook family. We are working to resolve the problem as soon as possible. ”

The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg stressed that the problem that befell Facebook is not related to hacking actions, such as DDos-type attacks or denial-of-service that are commonly used to attack internet services by hackers.

Limbunya Facebook, along with other platforms in its control, clearly harmed the company. Facebook, on average, earns $ 4.83 per user. The income is obtained through advertising, which is personified for each user. For the bad conditions that are now befalling them, as proclaimed by Bloomberg, Facebook is thinking of the possibility of returning the advertising costs that have been paid by its business partners.

However, the loss seems not only to Facebook. Users also seem to experience it. This can be seen from the many Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users, complaining about the difficulty of accessing those services on Twitter. Recorded, each of them has more than 500 thousand tweets related to Facebook and Instagram. There are 1.4 million tweets related to WhatsApp echoing via Twitter.

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